About Us

Our Background

Geoxphere is a UK-based company specialising in Cloud GIS, spatial data management and cost-effective geospatial survey solutions. Our vision is to continue to adapt and grow our end-to-end concept of fast and efficient data capture combined with easy-to-access cloud delivery of mapping.

Geoxphere launched in September 2016 with the aim to accelerate and advance innovation around digital mapping technology.

XMAP is a cloud-based GIS software platform which is used by private and public sector alike to share geospatial data across an organisation in a structured and intuitive way. XMAP has been built completely in-house using a variety of modern web and mapping frameworks. Our USP is the way organisations can create and share business mapping data without the risks involved in using open source silos of GIS or the expense of traditional GIS suppliers. Our software provides aerial photography and Ordnance Survey mapping, amongst other datasets to over 1,500 Local Government users as well as a range of commercial clients. We are OS Partners and are experts in working with UK spatial datasets.

We also have aerial survey expertise and equipment to allow us to conduct rapid, efficient aerial and ground-based surveys.

Combining our two areas of business creates a powerful set of solutions for our customers. We spend our time constantly improving and enhancing these services to give our customers the best possible value for money.

Our People

The Geoxphere team has decades of combined experience in the geospatial industry and has a wide skillset ranging from remote sensing through to web development. We all worked together in Getmapping before we spun-off in 2016 so have customers who have been using our services since 2009.

We have a culture of attention to detail, open discussion to find the right solution and we thoroughly enjoy what we do. We are motivated by delivering successful survey or GIS projects on time. We like to build strong, long term relationships with our customers who like our honesty and trust us with their critical GIS services.

Our Vision

We have set ourselves some challenges to tackle over the coming years. Our two key ones focus around our two key service offerings.

With XMAP, we want to produce technology that improves Local Government data sharing and efficiency, specifically geospatial data (because that's our thing). If we can make progress here then we'll see public services improve and Councils being able to do more for less.

With aerial survey, we want to utilise state-of-the-art survey equipment to capture geospatial data faster, easier and cheaper than current methods. If we can do this then users of geospatial data will be able to make better, more informed decisions, leading to advances in all aspects of society.

We're all about the small wins making a big impact.

Meet the Team

Chris Mewse
Chris MewseManaging Director
Jack Towns
Jack TownsSoftware Developer
Tristram Cary
Tristram CaryChairman
Simon Miles
Simon MilesGeospatial Support Specialist
Tom Huntley
Tom HuntleyTechnical Director
Chris Wooding
Chris WoodingSenior Database Architect

Contact Us

Whether you know exactly what you want, or just know the problem you need to solve, please get in touch. We can discuss it together and see if we've got a solution that fits.

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