Fast and efficient capture of aerial photgraphy


Cost-effective 360 mobile mapping solution


Cloud-based GIS to view, analyse and share geospatial data


Become a GeoXphere Market Partner for XCAM and XMAP technology

XCAM Air Series

Revolutionise your airborne data capture with XCAM

  • Flexible lease options
  • RGB, NIR and Thermal Variants
  • Fits any light aircraft
  • Includes Flight Planning Sofware
  • Built-in Pilot Navigation

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XCAM Ground Series

Efficient panoramic data capture solution

  • Flexible lease options
  • High Precision integrated INS
  • Fits any vehicle
  • Includes Processing software
  • Built-in Driver Navigation Screen

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XMAP Processing

Fast, automated processing to deliver high quality data

  • True-orthophoto
  • DSM
  • Point Cloud
  • Photomesh
  • Contours

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Rapid deployment of geospatial data with cloud-based GIS

  • Create cloud-based GIS for your clients in an instant
  • Deploy to end users around the world
  • Wide range of GIS analysis tools
  • Secure and scalable
  • Manage corporate spatial data permissions

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Training and Consultancy

Our expertise in survey and cloud-based GIS can help accelerate your your company's performance

  • Flight operations and survey hardware training
  • Develop your cloud-based GIS infrastructure
  • Customised training sessions
  • Project-based geospatial consultancy

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