Latest XMAP Cloud GIS version released

Latest XMAP Cloud GIS version released

We’re pleased to announce that XMAP, our cloud-based GIS platform has shaken off the ‘beta’ tag and is now ready for prime-time.

XMAP is a cloud-based GIS that is used in the public and private sector for displaying and interacting with large amounts of GIS data, aerial photography and base mapping. Its key aim is to allow users to get to the information they need, interact with it, base decisions on it, and share it amongst colleagues. 

Our latest version, 2.x.x (the X’s being the minor revisions we’ll make to this version over time) brings a number of improvements, including;


  • Revised Mapping Interface. We’ve kept the essence of our previous system and brought it right up-to-date. Intuitive map navigation, touch-screen compatibility and quick-search tools all make the user’s life easier when interacting with maps.



  • Re-engineered map database. In our previous version, when a user requested a map view it would fetch all the information and bring it back in one go. This led to slower perceived loading times on big datasets. Now, each layer of information is requested individually, delivering the data when it’s ready (a bit like ordering food at Wagamamas). This brings down loading times and increases user happiness!



  • Revised Admin Dashboard. This new interface is an evolution of the previous Admin Panel but allows greater control, filtering and configuration of your account. The Admin Panel allows you to control your users, collections of layers and data permissions. It’s the bit that makes using XMAP in a corporate or Public Sector environment so powerful.


  • New drag-and-drop Shapefile loader. Building on our XMAP DataSync technology, we’ve now included an easy-to-use data loader for adding new layers from external sources, or updating existing layers. This is available in the Admin Panel.



  • Improved data sharing. We’ve improved the structure for managing the viewing and editing of GIS data across multiple organisations. This is particularly useful for our Local Government customers.


We’re now in the process of migrating our current customers over to the new version and have received some great feedback so far. XMAP has traditionally been used by UK Local Government at all levels but is now increasingly being used by commercial organisations such as survey companies looking to share their data with their clients, and insurance companies needing accurate map databases.

Over the coming months we’ll be updating XMAP with a range of new tools, data and features so look out for more news stories.


To find out more, visit or XMAP product page. XMAP is charged on a subscription basis and can be configured to include a range of premium and open-source datasets as well as synchronising with local GIS data. This makes it perfect for Local Government looking to reduce their IT expenditure, or survey companies wanting to resell or share their data through the platform. To investigate whether XMAP will work for your organisation, give us an overview of what you want to achieve, and we can see whether it aligns with our software. We can also create bespoke applications to fit a specific workflow.