GeoPlace 2017 Report

GeoPlace 2017 Report

Each year, around 300 Local Authority addressing and geospatial professionals attend the GeoPlace Annual Conference.

With plenary sessions, workshops, round-table discussions and an exhibition, it’s a great place to learn about how Local Authorities are managing their address information in innovative ways.

This year, the first time at the event as GeoXphere, our focus was on demonstrating how we can bring together our revolutionary aerial survey system - XCAM, hosted GIS and the expertise of our partners such as Skeye to add a new dimension to the management of LLPG and the wider Local Authority business. During the day we learnt a lot about how Local Authorities can utilise 3D, vertical and thermal data to inform and improve their ability to detect illegal dwellings, manage assets or road networks and aid in planning applications. 

XCAM for Low Cost, Multiple Output Surveys

One of the truly unique things about XCAM is the ability to produce multiple datasets from a single survey. With a single flight, we can produce 3D Models, orthophoto’s and even a thermal mosaic – a combination that works excellently for tackling multiple issues, such as illegal construction or illegal dwellings (“beds in sheds”).

Unlike large format cameras, we can fly in variable weather conditions. Here, XCAM continues to buck the trend of traditional aerial survey, allowing data to be captured and processed in weeks, not months and all at a highly competitive price point.

XMAP for Parishes, Districts and Counties

Product Manager, Carl Greenman joined us at GeoPlace this year, showing Local Authorities how we are using cloud based software to better connect Parish, District and County councils, allowing them to share data more efficiently. This gives Parishes the power to create their own digital maps, reducing reliance on Local Authorities to provide information. Additionally, sharing data directly with their Parishes via the cloud, reduces the need to send out notifications via post or email. Parishes can now immediately see changes and additions to any map data.

We’re really excited at the opportunities these links are opening up with regards to two-way data sharing between organisations. After the event, Carl said “I’ve really enjoyed meeting so many people who are passionate about engaging more at all levels of local government. We facilitated a round-table discussion on how we can improve data sharing between these organisations and I have come away with some really great feedback. I can’t wait to put some of these ideas into action.”

We’ve come away from the conference with a wealth of new information to help us better understand how Local Authorities can use 3D data. We are especially excited to begin integrating address data directly into XCAM 3D Models, allowing for searchable, interactive ‘3D LLPG’. With more great improvements coming to our XMAP system, we’re excited for the future of collaborative mapping in Local Government. Watch this space!

To arrange a demonstration of the capabilities of XCAM 3D survey or our XMAP Cloud GIS, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll be happy to help.