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A brief introduction

What is it?

It's our web-based mapping service that our customers use to view, share, edit and analyse geographic information. We built it because we believe having access to reliable location data is critical to any organisation.

What does it do?

It gives everyone within an organisation access to the data and tools that they need to use mapping for their work. It is accessed through a web browser and is available 24/7.

How does it compare to other GIS?

XMAP includes common mapping functions such as search, print, measure, edit, style and analyse and makes them available to everyone, no matter the skill level. It's nowhere near as complex as QGIS or ESRI ArcGIS, but that's the beauty of it.

What makes it unique?

We're really proud of our Admin Dashboard. This allows an administrator to control permissions, styles, editing rights and structure of the data. This really sets us apart and makes XMAP a viable full-blown corporate GIS.

How much is it?

XMAP is charged on an Annual Subscription basis. The price varies depending on the number of users and what datasets need to be included. We'll make sure it's great value for your organisation.

See it in action

We keep adding new tools to XMAP. If there's something you need that you can't see here, get in touch as I'm sure we can add it in.


XMAP has a clean, modern and intuitive interface. It has a focus on displaying high quality mapping and enabling the user to quickly get to the data they need. The interface is configurable to allow client logos to be displayed instead of ours. This gives your users a better sense of ownership to the service.

The interface is split into 3 key sections;

  • Top Menu Bar. This menu bar along the top of the screen includes the account logo, tools available to the user, a search box and a Log Out button.
  • Layer Menu / Action Pane. This vertical section on the far-left of the screen includes some quick-access navigation buttons and an expandable list of all the layers available to the user to view. This panel is collapsible to give more map space.
  • Map. The rest of the screen is for the map. It is interactive and can be controlled by mouse or touch.
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Use Cases

Here are some sectors where XMAP has worked really well to generate cost savings and efficiency.

Local Government

Sharing a 'single-source-of-truth' across the Council is critical to improving efficiency. It gets everyone on the same page and increases the quality of and accuracy of decisions using geographic data.

XMAP enables data sharing and editing across all tiers of Government, particularly Parish Councils.

Central Government

Sharing of project-based mapping data quickly and easily is critical to some Central Government operations.

Producing professional and accurate PDFs of maps for distribution has been an essential tool.

Town, Parish & Community Councils

XMAP is branded as 'Parish Online' and is used by over 1,000 Local Councils around Great Britain.

At this level of Government, there isn't time to learn a complex GIS, so Parish Online makes it easy for them to manage their assets and carry out neighbourhood plans.


Plotting the location of your insurance liabilities gives a detailed picture of your risk, especially when loaded alongside external factors such as flooding, demographics and constraints.

Use aerial photography and base mapping to accurately plot area measurements.

Modules and Plugins

XMAP External Access

XMAP gives cloud database connections to QGIS to allow complex editing of GIS layers. WMS and WFS feeds allow you to connect to a variety of other systems and desktop GIS.

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XMAP 360 plugin

Add our panoramic module to see street-view level photography captured by our XCAM 360 Mobile Mapping cars.

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XMAP Oblique plugin

Add our oblique aerial photography module to view and measure birds-eye photography captured using XCAM.

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XMAP 3D plugin

Add our 3D viewer to XMAP for a free-roaming 3D environment to carry out measurements and analysis.

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Shared Map plugin

Add this module to create iframe code to embed maps into websites or other software.

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XMAP Feeds

Add XMAP Feeds to enhance XMAP with a variety of premium map datasets such as high resolution satellite data.

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Want to know more?

Whether you know exactly what you want, or just know the problem you need to solve, please get in touch. We can discuss it together and see if we've got a solution that fits.