Are we right for you?

Your job should not feel like work. It's got to be enjoyable and rewarding as you spend so much of your life doing it. So before considering a role with us, please read our About Us page. This will help you understand why we exist and what makes us tick. This will help you decide whether we're aligned to your passion.

Can you make a difference?

We're not looking for 'hangers-on'. When joining the GeoXphere team you need to be confident that you can help us achieve our collective goals. That doesn't mean you need to know everything straight away, in fact that may hold you back. A lot of what we do is 'learning on the job' so we're looking for the right attitude rather than the explicit skills. We take the principles and concepts we've learnt through education and business and use them to constantly improve.

What do we actually do?

To know whether you can make a difference, you need to know what we do. Our projects can be quite varied as we work with a range of clients who have different needs but our day-to-day operations boil down to:

  • Web-based software development. We have a suite of apps that we are constantly improving and extending. So we need people who can manipulate front-end web frameworks, create javascript, use and configure NodeJS, and manipulate data in and out of PostGIS databases programatically.
  • Customer support. Without our loyal customers and partners we might as well not get out of bed. They are key to our success, and we are key to theirs. So we need people who will treat them exceptionally well by making things happen for them as quickly, politely, honestly and efficiently as possible.
  • GIS data manipulation. We deal with geospatial data every day. Some of it is in our web-based apps, some is provided by our clients offline, and some is created by ourselves. Whatever the source, it needs to be handled correctly as it's the information that our clients will end up basing decisions on. So we need people who can use desktop GIS packages confidently and review/manipulate/enhance the data to deliver it in an insightful way.
  • Aerial survey planning and execution. Through our XCAM (airborne and ground) work we carry out survey operations. This usually involves expensive equipment and vehicles, so planning is key to a successful and profitable project. We need people with the structured, almost military mindset to design, plan, execute and deliver these projects.
  • Sales and marketing. We work in a very technical industry which has its fair share of jargon. So when we come to publish news articles, social media or meet people face-to-face, we've got to make sure the language and content we use is relatable, insightful and persuasive. We need people who are great at writing content and producing media. This includes a fair dose of photoshop and video-editing work.

We know that these are quite broad areas, but they are all closely linked to make up GeoXphere as a whole. Therefore we wouldn't expect anyone to have all these skills, but we would expect you to dip your toe into most of them and excel at a few.

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