scalable cloud-based GIS solutions

Brand to your Organisation

Create custom portals for you and your clients

Scalable Subscription Services

Offer the complete survey and GIS solution for your clients

Continuous Software Development

Join our network of geospatial web developers to build bespoke tools

Hosted on Dedicated Servers

Rely on our dedicated hosting platform to serve your clients. Includes self-hosting options.

Define your Pricing Model

Each market is different, so decide what data and tools to include and set your own pricing schedule.

Secure Your Data

Set permission hierachies for your premium data and allow your clients to set their own internal permissions.

Advanced Editing Tools

In-browser editing, including snapping to other map objects and base mapping

Drag-and-drop Loader

Set automated schedules to upload from local sources or use the drag-and-drop loader for CSV, SHP and other formats

Simple Analysis Tools

Extract data based on area, print to PDF, measure and annotate maps

XCAM G Integration

View side-by-side old and new surveys and perform accurate 3D measurements

Embed Public Maps

Share interactive maps on websites linked to GIS accounts

Start using XMAP Cloud GIS

Become an XMAP Cloud GIS distributor or end user and start generating repeatable revenue

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