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XMAP is a suite of cloud-based GIS technology that can be used for a variety of applications, services and workflows where a map, location or geospatial component is needed.

Our core XMAP Cloud GIS product can be configured with data and tools to allow them to create, analyse and share data.

We also produce bespoke custom applications, modules and workflows based on our XMAP technology to suit a particular need.

XMAP includes a variety of modules to view different types of data, including oblique images, 360 panoramas and 3D models.

In a nutshell, XMAP is a modern and adaptable cloud GIS technology for creating the application that helps you perform your business. Speak to our professional XMAP team to discuss your needs.


XMAP Core Functionality

Most XMAP products contain:

  • Search on a variety of gazetteers/datasets
  • Print professional maps to PDF
  • Display and interrogate map layers
  • Edit geometry and attributes
  • Measure distances and areas
  • Spatial queries and searches

XMAP Administration

One of the most important aspects of deploying a cloud mapping product is controlling permissions and access to sensitive geographic data. XMAP includes an Admin Dashboard with the following features:

  • Control data access using structured User Profiles
  • Manage users
  • Set styling and labelling rules
  • Configure data maintenance schedules
  • Define granular editing rights
  • Set sharing policy across organisation

XMAP Modules

Our suite of optional modules allows a range of datasets to be shared with users, including:

  • Oblique. View oblique images captured using XCAM from 4 different angles. Measure the heights of buildings and structures.
  • 360. View panoramic images captured using XCAM G in multiple windows. Measure angles and heights from a street-view perspective.
  • 3D. View and interact with 3D mesh models, LiDAR point clouds and 3D CAD models. Functions include 3D line of sight, viewshed analysis, shadow analysis and volume calculations.

XMAP Bespoke Apps

Our team of GIS developers can use the latest in geospatial technology to build an application for your precise workflow. The app may not even need a map interface, but can use our XMAP engine to produce the answers you and your users need.

These bespoke apps can be branded however you like and hosted on the XMAP Cloud or on our own servers.


Off-the-shelf XMAP Products

The following products have been built by GeoXphere using the XMAP Cloud GIS technology and are ready to be deployed:

  • Parish Online. A web mapping tool for Town, Community and Parish Councils to use maps for creating neighbourhood plans, assess planning applications and manage their assets. Parish Online Website
  • XMAP for Government. A corporate GIS built for Local and Central Government for sharing maps to give a single source of truth for official map datasets. Available through the UK Government Digital Marketplace.

XMAP Pricing Model

The majority of our core XMAP Cloud GIS products are charged on a fixed-price subscription model. This can vary depending on the number of users, data products and modules included.

For bespoke custom applications we can either calculate a subscription charge or agree on a per-transaction or usage-linked pricing model.

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