Our GeoXphere Partners


Why Become a GeoXphere Market Partner?

This is your chance to be the exclusive user and distributor of XCAM aerial survey pods, XCAM mobile mapping systems and XMAP GIS technology in your country.

XCAM is disruptive to the survey market and gives you the opportunity to take advantage of it.

How do I Become a Partner?

To become our exclusive agent in your country, we will need a few things from you;

  • A mini Business Plan stating how you will take advantage of XCAM and XMAP
  • Committment to a lease of a minimum of 1 x XCAM Air Series pods
  • Active marketing of XCAM and XMAP services.
Above all, we want to see enthusiam and a pro-active nature to take on the competition and be the best with XCAM!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small company with limited resources. Will we qualify as a Market Partner?

Yes, of course. Small companies are agile and with the right tools can compete with the big guys. XCAM is the perfect tool for this so we encourage submissions from you. Whether you're a UAV company looking to expand or an established survey company looking to diversify, we know we can work together successfully.

We don't do survey ourselves, but work with a number of companies that do. Can we become a Market Partner?

Yes, the Market Partner agreement works well as a Distributor Agreement. You'd need to have your anchor client who can take an XCAM lease to qualify.

Can I submit a joint proposal with another company in our country?

Yes, we will consider joint proposals where two or more companies have complimentary services.

I want to act as Market Partner for more than one country. Is that possible?

Yes, of course. This needs to be backed-up by a strong business plan outlining how each country will be maximised in terms of XCAM penetration. We would need a minimum of one long-term XCAM lease in each country to be considered as exclusive.

My territory has already been taken, can I still be a Market Partner?

We regularly review our Market Partners so some territories may become available. If you register your interest with us we will let you know if a market becomes available. In the meantime, look up the GeoXphere Market Partner in your area and contact them directly. They will be able to supply XCAM and XMAP to you with great terms. XCAM is designed to be used by all, so get in touch!

What happens if you receive multiple claims to a territory?

It's likely that there will be competition for a territory. We prioritise the first to contact us with a compelling case. From there we review multiple bids and hold a competition. If we have held a competition in an area then we would review them and select the strongest bid. Note, we do not select a Market Partner purely on the size of the company, it's about the one willing to adopt distruptive technology in the best way.

Market Partner Benefits

Being a GeoXphere Market Partner gives you the opportunity to get ahead of the competition. The agreement also gives you:

  • Exclusive rates on XCAM hardware
  • Free XMAP licence to rebrand and resell
  • Marketing and Press effort from GeoXphere
  • Support and assistance to help you succeed

Claim Your Territory

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